Shut the back door

We finally got a new back door to replace our old rotting 1970’s door that couldn’t keep a draft out.  We love it!  It lets in so much light.

Here’s the before:

Back door - before

And the after:

Bak door - after!

Claire and Tess both love looking outside now, and since we got our first real snow of the season the day after installation, it gives us a nice view, even if it is just of the deck.

Oh, and bonus…when the installer removed the state-of-the-art 1978 security system box that was by the door:

Delightfully 70s. I'm trying to figure out how I can scrape it off in one piece and frame it.

We still need to replace or paint all the trim white instead of the dark woodwork that is there now, but we are taking it in baby steps.


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