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Master Bedroom Progress

So I’m calling this one done for now…we have a few more details in this room, but this is as good as it gets.  Since last year when we moved in, we got new furniture and bedding, and in this last week we painted, hung art and made the curtains.  I love how it turned out!

Master Bedroom – before – we still had the furniture I got when I graduated from college, and bedding I bought years ago.  It looked fine in our old house, but this new room dwarfed it and I was tired of the blue color palette.

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom – after

We got the new bed and mattress around Christmas time and are loving finally having room for a king size bed!  The curtains I made from some Dwell Studio fabric that I love and ties in with a pillow from Ikea and white bedding.  I’ll probably add some more throw pillows are some point, but I don’t know what I want yet.

Master bedroom - after


Peanut butter cup brownie yumminess

We’re making progress on putting the master bedroom back together, and I should have new pictures this week.  Until then, here’s some brownie yumminess I made tonight to take to my friend and her new baby girl tomorrow – Peanut Butter Cup brownie bites and wow are they good.  I kind of snagged the general recipe from another friend, but they are so easy to make.

Start by making a batch of brownies.  You can be an over-acheiver and make them from scratch, but I just made the Betty Crocker kind.  It’s Monday.

Then spray a mini muffin tin with Pam and fill each cup almost full with batter.

Having a cute assistant helps immensely.  Hands out of the Pam spray, helper.

Bake the brownies at 350 for about 15 minutes or until about done.  Your oven may take more or less time.

While the brownies are baking, unwrap mini Reese’s PB cups – one for each brownie bite.

Watch your assisstant lick the wrappers and sing “I’m bringing up a baby bum-ble-bee”.

When the brownies are done, immediately press a PB cup into each brownie bite.  Then pop them in the freezer.  30 minutes or so should do – you just want them to solidify.  I gave the helper a bath and got her down to bed while I was waiting.

After the brownies are nice and solid, pipe Vanilla icing onto each.  I just used a ziplock bag and a pastry tip.

Voila!  PB brownie bites!  My friend Katie crushes candy canes on top of these at Christmas.  You would think the flavor combination would be weird but it’s so good.  You could probably do it year round with Peppermint Patties or Andes mints.  I just left mine plain.  Mmmmm…

Master bedroom progress

Today we sent C to spend some quality time with Aunt Micheale and Uncle Keith and we painted the master bedroom – it looks great!  Brian said that “great” was the only acceptable answer, as he was not repainting.  Not that I made him do that before.  In two different rooms.  Anyhoo, the color we picked is Behr’s Graceful Gray and it adds a warm tone without being overly beige (we’re a little beiged out from the old house).  Here’s a quick shot of the new paint color – updating from all white walls.

Ooh, ahh...

I’ll post some better pictures when we actually get the room back together.  I have to finish making my curtain panels from some awesome Dwell Studio fabric that I got at discount last fall.  It’s going to look great in here!

Now to pursuade Brian to stop watching basketball and hang my curtain rods…

We still have to get blinds and hang all the art…but it’s getting there!  More pics to come after everything is finished 🙂

Fun at the zoo and the park!

We had some beautiful weather here the past few days – we took our first trip to the zoo and the park this Spring.  C loved it!

Mudroom before and after…

We finally have a finished mud room and it is fabulous!  We no longer walk into a closet coming in from our garage, and now we have hooks and baskets to catch everything and it all stays in one place.

When we first moved into this house, the laudry space was this awkward hallway off the kitchen that opened as a second door to our office.  It had two coat closets and a small laundry area that was poorly set up, with the dryer venting into the basement.  Something had to be done.  Brian proposed knocking down the walls that formed the two closets – we didn’t need them because we already have a large hall closet in the our front foyer.  The revised plan was so much more functional.  It took about 3 total months to complete, but Brian and his dad did every inch.  I helped about 5%.  I painted the baseboards and helped paint the walls.

Check out the before and after – we love it!  Here is the dysfunctional before….

View of the old laundry space that passed through to the office.

Non-functioning laundry space before - the doors wouldn't close and the dryer was vented into the basement.

And the clean and fresh after…

Our nice clean mudroom

Mudroom and laundry space after

The washer/dryer is behind a door in the mudroom with plenty of added storage shelves.

We added low hooks for Claire so that she can hang her own things up.

I hope you enjoy the transformation!