Master bedroom progress

Today we sent C to spend some quality time with Aunt Micheale and Uncle Keith and we painted the master bedroom – it looks great!  Brian said that “great” was the only acceptable answer, as he was not repainting.  Not that I made him do that before.  In two different rooms.  Anyhoo, the color we picked is Behr’s Graceful Gray and it adds a warm tone without being overly beige (we’re a little beiged out from the old house).  Here’s a quick shot of the new paint color – updating from all white walls.

Ooh, ahh...

I’ll post some better pictures when we actually get the room back together.  I have to finish making my curtain panels from some awesome Dwell Studio fabric that I got at discount last fall.  It’s going to look great in here!

Now to pursuade Brian to stop watching basketball and hang my curtain rods…

We still have to get blinds and hang all the art…but it’s getting there!  More pics to come after everything is finished 🙂


One thought on “Master bedroom progress

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