How To: Create a Paper Silhouette

I haven’t given the full look at our office makeover because it’s not 100% complete, but I’m working on finalizing my frame wall.  Hopefully that will be done soon and I’ll have pictures of the finished room!  For now, I’ll show a sneak peak of the gallery frame wall.  As I was creating the gallery, I wanted a lot of different things on the wall, not just photos, and I’ve been wanting a silhouette of my little munchkin for the wall.  I snapped this picture a couple weekends ago when C was very busy playing outside and wouldn’t look at the camera, and I knew it would make the perfect silhouette template:

 I had it printed out in a 5 x 7 size so her actual head would fit in a 4 x 6 portrait-layout frame.  I started by carefully cutting around her head with a small pair of crafting scissors.


Once I had the whole thing cut out, I traced it onto some black scrapbooking paper.  I had this piece in my stash and I liked that it isn’t solid black, but had a little bit of a dark gray pattern in it.  I traced it on the back to make sure that I could see the line. (If you do this, flip the picture over so that it comes out the right direction on the patterned side of the paper.)


Then cut out the silhouette on the black paper.  I chose a background scrapbook paper to put into the frame.  I liked that this was simple with a vintage-y vibe and I knew the black would show up well against it.


I had the perfect frame that was on the gallery wall in need of a 4 x 6 picture in the slot and made this to fit in it.

 Voila! Instant cuteness and wall gallery flair in under 15 minutes.


Here is it living on the gallery wall – the other pictures are a cute shot of Claire from her 1-year pictures and an airplane shot of Mount Ranier through the clouds as we were leaving Seattle last year.  Psst…sneak peak of office reveal frame wall!

Anybody else make anything crafty lately?


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