Taking it outside

Spring is in full swing here at the nest and we were busy over the weekend getting things planted and cleaned!  This is the first spring in the new house so we’re still kind of figuring out what we need.  And we started with this out front:

As you can see, we have hostas.  Lots of hostas.  We tried to count them all and gave up around 75 – they are everywhere.  We were going to try to just pull them out and replace them, but honestly, they actually look fine and are low maintenance so we decided to just do it little by little each year – so the hostas stay for now and we’ll replace when we can and when we know exactly.  New plants are spendy!

One of the only things that I really miss about the old house is the landscaping.  We had a whole side of our house blooming with hydrangea that we babied each winter so they were getting pretty big.  But we’ll get there with this house too!

After a lot of planting, mulching and cleaning, here’s what it looks like now:

And the back deck too…











And we can’t forget pictures of our favorite munchkin enjoying the updated outdoor space…

Peek a boo!


Hope you are having a great week and enjoying your own outdoor spaces!





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