Kicking off summer

Hope everyboday had a great Memorial Day!  We packed as much fun as we could and made the best of the 90+ degree days here!

We kicked off the weekend with our good friends the Sarvers and their newborn Ben and little girl Ella, Claire’s BFF.  We had a yummy breakfast and hit the farmer’s market near our house.  We had some time to chill…

And play in the mulch…

And of course get in lots of hugs…

We came home with some yummy veggies from the local farmers too!

Because it was so hot we had some fun running through the sprinkler too…

On Monday we went to the little Memorial Day parade in our town. Lots of saluting the vets and dancing to the marching bands. Oh, and it was at least 400 degrees. When the city council member came by handing out popsicles, I’m pretty sure she had everyone’s vote.

Claire just looks unhappy and hot here but she actually really liked the parade and has asked to go to one every day since…

And here she is with that oh-so-good popsicle.  Mmm, purple.  Her favorite!

Add to that a few things that we didn’t get pictures of including a graduation party for our sweet neighbor Kieran (who is headed to OU, our Alma Mater, in the fall!) and a Memorial DAy BBQ at our place…which I totally failed to get pictures of because it was PACKED at our house!

Happy (belated) Memorial Day to all! We hope you had a swinging good time…


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