Monthly Archives: July 2012

Fun at the Fair

This weekend we went to the Ohio State Fair with our friends Holly and Bill and their sweet little girls Luka and Hadley.  Luka and Claire had a blast on the kiddie rides and at the petting zoo!




The girls actually had a blast on this humungous slide!


Fun on the whirly Dumbo ride!


Ah, the petting zoo.  Sorry these photos look like everyone is sunburned…we were under a red tent to shield the animals from the sun.  This was kind of a kick-ass petting zoo, as far as petting zoos go.  They had all kinds of goats, water buffalo, alpacas, kangaroos, a huge camel, a tortoise, etc.  Lots for the girls to see and do.  And you could buy a cup of sliced carrots at the door to feed the animals.  Claire wasn’t so big on feeding the animals but liked it when we did.



Claire’s Big-Girl Room Sneak Peek

As part of Claire’s birthday present (she’ll be three in 2 weeks!!), Brian and I are updating her big girl room.  We’re actually switching her room with the current guest room.  Her room right now is at the front of the house, which gets morning sun and we think wakes her up earlier than necessary on Saturdays.  Plus, it’s right next to ours so after she goes to bed it’s hard to watch TV or take showers without distrubing her.  It took some convincing for me to switch rooms, though, because I had a vision for her current room that won’t quite work in the new one, but we’re still going with the same basic concept.

Here’s Claire’s current (messy) room:


And here’s the current guest room (future big girl room):


The guest room won’t change much in it’s new location…it’s pretty low on the priority list of getting something stylish done with it. It has furniture that I’ve had since my first apartment after college and is a fine place for guests to stay. It will get some upgrades down the road…but not now.

And lastly – here is the moodboard that I created for Claire’s new room – I made it at Very cool! We actually already have paint in the walls in the new room, so now it getting the curtains made, replacing all the baseboards (we’re upgrading little by little through the whole house), and getting the accessories in. We hope to have the big room reveal around Claire’s birthday in two weeks.

Everyone knows I love some Pottery Barn simplicity in my rooms, and this one is no exception! I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to a relaxing weekend!