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New York City – via Instagram

I was in New York for a few days this week and found myself with a little bit of daylight left after walking out of the office.  Beautiful weather for the time I was there and I thought I would share a few images I caught and edited with Instagram.

New York is fun, work is exhausting, and I’m glad to be home.  Have a great week!


Dining Room Progress

We made some progress on our dining room update over this past week and weekend – finally!  I’ve been staring at this open room for more than a year since we moved in and it’s just sadly sat there empty.  So I finally got around to painting the trim and crown molding white and the walls a posh shade of gray/beige (Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige).

Still to do:

  • Install wood floors in the same wood that runs through the kitchen and hallways to tie the space together
  • Paint and install board and batten wainscoting on the bottom of the walls – that’s why I only painted to the current chair rail
  • Rip out said chair rail
  • New lighting or chandelier
  • New table & chairs

I would love to have it done this fall!  Without further wait – here are the progress pics:

Dining room progress


Dining room progress


Close up of sharp white trim with new gray color
































Oh, and we got this guy cheap on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago:


It’s going to look great with the table and chairs I have in mind! Hint on that – I’m not planning on having the table and chairs bought as a set, nor are they going to be the same finish. I think it will bring a fresh twist to what could be a stuffy dining room – not what I’m going for! Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.

Claire’s Room Reveal

We’re back in action on the blog and I hope to post more often!

Here’s the long-anticipated re-do of Claire’s big girl room.  There are definitely a few things I still want to , like get more art for the wall, and maybe even a rug, but for now we’re calling it done.

To recap – here’s the mood board I put together a few months ago with the concept of what I wanted her room to be:

And here’s the finished room! I think it definitely does the mood board justice!

























We don’t have any overhead lighting in the bedrooms (weird), so I found this super cute chandelier from pottery barn that is just different color paper butterflies to hang from the ceiling, and requires no electricity.









We ripped out the old skinny dark wood baseboards that were in really bad condition, and replaced with thick white baseboards. I love them! We also repainted the closet door and installed cute pink glass knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby.









So – a reminder of what the room looked like before – I only have the empty room picture form the day we moved in! (It did have our guest bed in there before, we we hadn’t done anything with it yet. The current guest room is Claire’s old room, and will get a makeover at some point!)



Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! We’re making the most of our time enjoying some good times with the neighbors and fun with friends 🙂 oh, and psst – we’ve started on the dining room makeover! The trim and crown molding is primed and ready for some paint soon. More pics to come!