Dining Room Progress

We made some progress on our dining room update over this past week and weekend – finally!  I’ve been staring at this open room for more than a year since we moved in and it’s just sadly sat there empty.  So I finally got around to painting the trim and crown molding white and the walls a posh shade of gray/beige (Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige).

Still to do:

  • Install wood floors in the same wood that runs through the kitchen and hallways to tie the space together
  • Paint and install board and batten wainscoting on the bottom of the walls – that’s why I only painted to the current chair rail
  • Rip out said chair rail
  • New lighting or chandelier
  • New table & chairs

I would love to have it done this fall!  Without further wait – here are the progress pics:

Dining room progress


Dining room progress


Close up of sharp white trim with new gray color
































Oh, and we got this guy cheap on Craigslist a couple of weeks ago:


It’s going to look great with the table and chairs I have in mind! Hint on that – I’m not planning on having the table and chairs bought as a set, nor are they going to be the same finish. I think it will bring a fresh twist to what could be a stuffy dining room – not what I’m going for! Looking forward to seeing how it comes together.


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