Dining room progress update

Well, we got the wood floors installed in the dining room (and by we, I mean Brian). I was on hand for moral support and making chicken pot pies to say thank you. The floors went in nicely over the existing subfloor – which was luckily in really good shape when we ripped up the carpet.

Here’s the before, right after we ripped up the carpet and assessed the sub-floor situation:








And here are the progress pictures:

We put in transition pieces where the dining room flooring meets the kitchen. It doesn’t line up perfectly, but the horizontal transition pieces make it look okay.

Filed under money well spent: paying a professional carpet installer to re-tuck the existing living room carpet under the new wood flooring.



































Next up – putting our DIY skills to the test and installing board and batten wainscoting! Prep work is currently underway! We still need new lighting and accessories too – I’m so excited about it all coming together!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Veteran’s Day!


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