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Dining room – nearly done!

We’ve made some more dining room tweaks and I have to say we’re about done with this room…until I decide to redecorate!

To remind you, here’s where we started:


Here’s some progress:











And here’s how it looks today!






















I love how it turned out – and per my usual style, I’ll probably keep on tweaking here and there.  Oh, and that little side table on the right was inherited from my grandma and is just begging for a little makeover!  Brian was skeptical about putting it in the dining room (it’s been living up in my craft room since last year) but I think it balances the room an provides a little extra storage.  It needs some love though – the top has a lot of wear and tear and the handles are coming off.  But it has good bones!

Product List:

  • Table – Pier 1
  • Chairs – IKEA
  • Buffet and side table – Craigslist & passed down from family
  • Mirror – Target
  • Chandelier – West Elm
  • Lamps – Pottery Barn
  • Rug – Crate and Barrel

So another project down!  More fun projects and updates to come!



Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Anyone still there?  Anyone?  Sorry we’ve been MIA…been a rough couple of months. 

We have some updates and home projects to share with you though – posts and pics to come soon.  We hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patty’s Day and is looking forward to Spring and warm weather as much as we are!


Dining room progress

We are about 80% done with our dining room re-do!

We still need a new chandelier, artwork, and an area rug – but it’s coming along!  We installed new hardwood floors, board and batten wainscoting and added a grayish beige color to the walls.  I also made some curtain panels from some Waverly fabric that I love, and I feel like it really warms up the room.  I can’t wait for the accessories!

I will post a board and batten DIY tutorial soon – Brian did the whole thing and we snapped pictures of each step along the way.  We love how it turned out and really adds some character to the room!

So, without further delay, here are the latest snaps!






















And just a refresher, here’s where we started just a couple months ago…

Dining room - before

Dining room – before








We’ve come a long way with this room – more to come!

I’ve watched over the past year or so as some of my favorite blogs hosted and participated in a “Pinterest Challenge” – but have never gotten off my butt to make anything.  I’ve had good intentions, but just never get around to making my craft in the week allotted.  The Pinterest Challenge was created by Katie Bower and Sherry Petersik to inspire readers to take some of those cool/crafty/inspiring images that we’ve pinned and actually DO one of them.  So this time when I read Pinterest Challenge had rolled around, I decided I had to hop on board.

I looked through one of my Crafty Ideas boards on Pinterest to see what a) inspired me b) was something I needed and c) wasn’t too time consuming.  I came across this picture that I had pinned ages ago


Source: Ashley Ann Photography

I loved the colorful birds, and I think that’s why I originally pinned the image, but I started thinking about all the other things I could do with this concept.  I have tons of scrapbook paper and I actually had an extra 16×20 art canvas that I picked up on sale, knowing I would do something with it.  I decided to do something for a wall in Claire’s room.

I thought about doing some butterflies on it to go with her room, but there’s a limit on “Theme-iness” – and we’re reaching it.  So I decided to do a book quote from a book called “You are my I Love You”.  It was a gift when Claire was born.

So, I grabbed my canvas, chose some scrapbook paper, hooked up my cricut, dug out the modge podge, and got to work. I just chose some subtle patterned paper from my stash that I thought went well together, cut out the letters on my cricut machine (4 inch size) and then used modge podge to glue them to the canvas.










And here’s the finished product!

It’s not perfect, but I love the handmade quality and the quote. The line in the book reads “I am your dandelion – you are my first wish”. Love that.

Have a great week, everyone!

Claire’s Big-Girl Room Sneak Peek

As part of Claire’s birthday present (she’ll be three in 2 weeks!!), Brian and I are updating her big girl room.  We’re actually switching her room with the current guest room.  Her room right now is at the front of the house, which gets morning sun and we think wakes her up earlier than necessary on Saturdays.  Plus, it’s right next to ours so after she goes to bed it’s hard to watch TV or take showers without distrubing her.  It took some convincing for me to switch rooms, though, because I had a vision for her current room that won’t quite work in the new one, but we’re still going with the same basic concept.

Here’s Claire’s current (messy) room:


And here’s the current guest room (future big girl room):


The guest room won’t change much in it’s new location…it’s pretty low on the priority list of getting something stylish done with it. It has furniture that I’ve had since my first apartment after college and is a fine place for guests to stay. It will get some upgrades down the road…but not now.

And lastly – here is the moodboard that I created for Claire’s new room – I made it at Very cool! We actually already have paint in the walls in the new room, so now it getting the curtains made, replacing all the baseboards (we’re upgrading little by little through the whole house), and getting the accessories in. We hope to have the big room reveal around Claire’s birthday in two weeks.

Everyone knows I love some Pottery Barn simplicity in my rooms, and this one is no exception! I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

Back from the beach!

Hi all,

We’re back from Hilton Head and had a great time!  Check out all of our fun activities in this picture-heavy post 🙂

We started out the trip with a half-way to Hilton Head stop in Charlotte, NC to visit our friends Mike and Allison and their sweet little boy Kellen.  This is the best pictures we could get of the kiddos together, they would NOT sit still…

We had a few drizzly Hilton Head days, but it was sunny most of the time and we managed to hit the beach several times.

Of course, we liked the pool too…

We spent evenings by the Harbour…

And Pap even let Claire get a spray on dolphin tattoo. Purple…what else?

Speaking of dolphins, we got to take an awesome dolphin cruise boat ride on one of the most gorgeous days of the week. We saw tons of dolphins, including a momma and baby swimming right beside the boat. Claire loved it and so did we…

We indulged in some treats, including Claire’s first dish of Superman ice cream…

Sun and fun for all!

Giving an old lamp a new life

Just popping in with a quick post on a little DIY project I did over the weekend.  I was wanting a fun lamp for my craft room, and when I saw this brass lamp base at Goodwill for $7, I liked the shape and knew that I could dress it up with a little paint:

After some spray paint (Lagoon by Rustoleum) – it looks like this!

It took one coat of spray primer and about 5 thin and even coats of the Lagoon color to get good coverage.  I waited about 1/2 hour in between coats.  I love the way it looks and it really highlights to cool shape of the lamp base.  I bought a fun lamp shade from Target and now my new lamp is living happily on my craft desk, waiting for the rest of the room to get done!

Anyone else turn trash into treasure lately?