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Hoppy Easter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!DSC05378DSC05380DSC05395DSC05406DSC05407DSC05422DSC05428DSC05431DSC05442DSC05445

Have a great week!



Goodbye, fall!

Short and sweet post this week – here are some fall pictures 🙂  The trees have all lost their leaves – these were taken a few weeks ago when we had some nice weather.


We’re hoping to wrap up the board and batten in the dining room this weekend, so I’ll have a tutorial post on that.  It’s looking good so far!

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Sorry the Halloween pictures are a smidge late! Claire asked to go as Rapunzel this year, so we obliged, complete with super long wig and chameleon buddy Pascal (part of the movie, for those of you who haven’t seen it!)

The festivities kicked off last weekend at the Worthington Rec Center Halloween party, where we got to play games, learn the Thriller dance and meet a princes. Busy night, and Claire got over her fear of the big people in costumes pretty fast (especially when she realized that she won little candy and prizes for playing games!)

Then it was the annual pumpkin carving party at Aunt Micheale and Uncle Keith’s house! I brought some washable poster paints for the little ones this year, since they can’t carve, obviously, and Brian or I usually end up carving some elaborate template for two hours. Claire had a blast painting her pumpkin, and as you can tell, has a soft spot for her cousin Luke 🙂

Claire also made some cute pumpkin art at school that we had to show off!

And of course, trick or treat. We started out as Rapunzel, but it was raining, some after a few houses and the neighborhood party, she came home, warmed up, and we let her change into one of her dress up costumes to hit a few more houses of our immediate neighbors.

All in all, a great Halloween! I’ll be checking back in later this week with some fall snapshots too.

Oh, and psst – guess what we’ve been working on this weekend?! Dining room progress update (flooring!) is on deck.

September 27

So I’m a little late on this one…and pretty much have been neglecting the blog….I’m trying to get better about that….

But I wanted to stop in with some pictures from September 27, a very special day around here.  We celebrate it as a second birthday for Claire.  She was born on July 21, but spent 10 weeks in the NICU and finally came home on, you guessed it – September 27.  So since her first year, we’ve tried to mark the day by doing something special just with our family.  This year we took Claire to Build-A-Bear.  I have to say, she wasn’t as thrilled about the bear as we thought she would be.  In fact, the fuzzy purple bear has been laying in our office since we came home, ditched in favor of her new favorite toy – a stuffed chameleon named Pascal.  Oh well.  We had a great night and loved spending a little quality time with our special little girl.

Picking out her purple bear…

Watching the purple bear get stuffed by the machine…

And now for some September 27 flashbacks…

September 27, 2009

September 27, 2010

September 27, 2012

Oh how far we’ve come! And since I was doing flashbacks, how’s this one?! Taken at the same spot at the zoo – circa 2010 and just last weekend:

Columbus Zoo – October 2010

Columbus Zoo – October 2012

Three Years Old

So, it’s been a month since Claire turned 3, and we finally had a little time this past weekend to take some pictures to mark the milestone.  The past two years, we’ve hired a photographer to capture this, and she did a good job, but we just weren’t sure it was worth the money this year, since Claire really refuses to stand still most of the time.  So we took our trusty DSLR camera out to a place called Jeffrey Mansion in Bexley to snap a few pictures.  We’re happy with how they came out, and its even better that they were F-R-E-E.  I think we’ll start doing this more often!

Hope everyone is having a good week!

Fun at the Fair

This weekend we went to the Ohio State Fair with our friends Holly and Bill and their sweet little girls Luka and Hadley.  Luka and Claire had a blast on the kiddie rides and at the petting zoo!




The girls actually had a blast on this humungous slide!


Fun on the whirly Dumbo ride!


Ah, the petting zoo.  Sorry these photos look like everyone is sunburned…we were under a red tent to shield the animals from the sun.  This was kind of a kick-ass petting zoo, as far as petting zoos go.  They had all kinds of goats, water buffalo, alpacas, kangaroos, a huge camel, a tortoise, etc.  Lots for the girls to see and do.  And you could buy a cup of sliced carrots at the door to feed the animals.  Claire wasn’t so big on feeding the animals but liked it when we did.